The Woodshed Smokehouse

is Chef Tim Love’s homage to all things grilled, roasted, and slow-cooked, featuring a daily rotating selection of beef, lamb, pork, cabrito, wild game, fish, and vegetables, all cooked over a variety of woods and fire sources.


“As the restaurant world reduces itself to a simpleton formula of burgers versus tacos, Woodshed Smokehouse busts out with a brave and highly original vision”


“It’s the latest step on the journey of conscious dining, graduating from mindless stuffing of your face to Anthony Bourdain-level obsession”

-D Magazine

“HOLY SHIN! The signature dish [beef shin] of the Woodshed Smokehouse is so paleo that you can almost hear drumbeats when they deliver it to your table”

-Texas Monthly

“It takes balls for a well-established BBQ baron like Love to move the world of barbecue forward. Call him a smoked-protein progressive.”

-Men’s Health Magazine

“One of 50 nominees for ‘Best New Restaurant 2012′”

-Bon Appetit

“You want The Woodshed Smokehouse in your life.”

-Immaculate Infatuation


Enjoy Chef Love’s signature food in our dining room, in the bar, or on our patio that sits right on the banks of the Trinity River. Dogs are welcome in our gravel area, and we even have a special menu just for man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

Woodshed Smokehouse

Bein’ Green

While wood burning isn’t the greenest of methods, we’ve made a conscious effort to help offset our emissions. The Woodshed’s lack of a power hungry central AC unit helps in this way, offsetting ozone busting refrigerant emissions that normally consume over 25% of a restaurant’s yearly electricity use. Cool air is provided from strategically placed¬†fans throughout the Woodshed, and we also ensured the preservation of existing shade trees on the riverside to help provide shade in the hot afternoon hours of a Texas summer. The unique outward opening overhead doors become canopies when open and will provide plenty of cool air for the patrons inside, even on a late August day.

Woodshed Smokehouse

Run it Out

We welcome runners and bikers from the Trinity Trails into our restaurant, because we know healthy living equals happy living. In conjunction with Luke’s Locker Fort Worth, we sponsor two monthly fun runs. Check our news section for upcoming runs including our Margarita Moonlight Run and Social Run!

Woodshed Smokehouse